Air Evac 109 back in service following deadly crash

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Three weeks ago, Brian Jackson, supervisor of Air Evac 109 in Manchester lost three of his crewmembers, Eddy Sizemore, Lee Dobbs, and Jesse Jones in a helicopter crash.

"We still see their fingerprints all over the base here and that will always be here. It's really been tough. You know, you walk through the base and you see something that will remind you of one of those gentlemen or all three," said Jackson.

Since then, they say the people of Clay County have shown their support in a big way.

"We've had an outpouring of people here bringing food, bringing flowers, bringing cards, just pulling up and saying thank you. That has really helped this crew tremendously," said Jackson.

Today, the team is operational again.

"This morning, I called the base back in service. Everybody is chomping at the bit. These crews are rearing to go. It is their way of life. My hat's off to them. They really do the things they do for people they don't even know and they really have a heart for that. It's not just a job for them, it's a passion," said Jackson.

The crew of Air Evac 109 has a brand new Bell 206 ready for their next mission. They haven't run on a call in it yet, but when they do, they know they'll have a few extra guardian angels.

"Those three crewmember were a part of our family here and they will always be a part of that family. Certainly, they will never be forgotten," said Jackson.

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