Crime Alert: Shoppers report man sneaking photos up their skirts

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NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Police here in Nicolasville, as well as in Danville, say they have female shoppers coming to them saying they found a man trying to get a photo up their skirts.

It's called "upskirt photography," it's a self-explanatory, but some call it creepy.

"Creepy is a pretty good word for it. That's obscene. That's just beyond my imagination," said shopper Amy Griffie who was surprised to learn that it happened just last Sunday night at the Walmart in Nicholasville.

"I think that's very disturbing."

Officer Kevin Grimes with the Nicholasville Police Department said the female victim was in the cosmetic aisle with her kids when she sensed someone was oddly nearby.

"She noticed somebody crouched down behind her. She wasn't 100% sure what they were doing, but then as she turned around and looked she noticed he was getting up and looking at something. It was a cell phone in his hand. As best as she could tell he had tried to take a picture looking up her skirt."

"It's an invasion!" exclaimed Griffie.

This is the man the victim said tried to sneak a peek.

"He's wearing a white shirt which it appears as though he's trying to cover up some type of logo as he's exiting the business," described Officer Grimes.

However, it seems that this man has tried this stunt before. Here's another photo of him leaving the Walmart in Danville the same weekend, there another woman reported that he tried to take a photo under her dress.

"It's very different I've not run across anything in an open area such as this in quite some time," said Officer Grimes, who added that both Nicholasville and Danville Police Departments are working together on these cases.

Even more challenging is how this act falls under Kentucky's laws about voyeurism. Officer Grimes said the law is designed to protect a person's privacy in places that it's expected, such as, locker rooms or dressing rooms. However, this seemingly bold act was done in the middle of the store's aisle, or essentially in public. So police say they are seeking legal counsel to determine the best charges to pursue.

Still, these investigators want shoppers to be on alert.

"Maybe right now, just kind of be more aware of your surroundings and what's going on around you," said Officer Grimes.

"I'm headed to another store and I think I'll pay attention to the people around me a little bit more, now," said Griffie after learning of the "peeping Tom."

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