All clear given after old military explosive found at antique store

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PARIS, Ky. (WKYT) - Police have given the all clear after a bomb scare in downtown Paris.

Police blocked off Main Street for a couple of hours after receiving an alarming phone call.

Things are typically quiet and peaceful in the small, American town of Paris Kentucky, but not today.

Patty Fairbanks lives in Paris and makes her living collecting antiques from estate sales, "You never know what I'm going to find when I'm buying stuff."

Her store, Fairbanks Antiques sits right in the heart of downtown. It is is full of unique finds.

A military expert, who frequents her shop stopped in today to see what new things she had for sale. Fairbanks was excited to show off one of her newest items.

"I was trying to twist the top off of it and everything earlier," Fairbanks said.

Fairbanks thought it was a piece of an airplane from World War II.

"I was showing him how cool it was and he said, that's not real cool, that's a bomb and you need to call the police," Fairbanks explains.

As they waited for police and a bomb squad to show up, the military expert explained to Fairbanks, that it was a piece of a missile used to blow up airplanes during the war.

The explosive find created quite the stir, as authorities worked to make sure the little piece of history didn't have the chance to repeat itself.

"Yeah, everybody had to evacuate. I had little girls trying on clothes in my store and I was like, uh oh get out. And they evacuated the pool room, the city club. The guys couldn't have their beer and the dentist office. Everybody was out in the street. It was closed off for like an hour," Fairbanks said.

By days end, the bomb squad safely removed the device from Fairbanks Antiques. Paris, Kentucky returned to calm after a Cold War scare.

The State Police Bomb Squad removed the device.

There's no word right now if it was still active.

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