All quiet in the weather world until Sunday

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The quiet pattern will hold on for a few more days. The next chance to see some activity won't happen until Sunday. Even those chances aren't that high.

Friday will look a whole lot like your Thursday. That means plenty of sunshine and very comfortable temperatures will be back again. Naturally, we'll see some cooler air during the early morning hours, but that's the only issue until the second half of the weekend.

A very weak front will head towards Kentucky and attempt to push all the way through the commonwealth, but with little luck. It appears that this front will washout before completely clearing Kentucky. There might be just enough energy to fire off a few showers. Most folks only see cloud cover from this system.

Next week will bring better rain chances with a much more powerful cold front. It will bring significantly cooler air into the region and widespread rain chances. This forecast has changed a little bit as far as timing is concerned. We'll keep watching it!

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