Allergists: 'Trees and grass are to blame'

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - If you're coughing, sneezing, or wheezing, then you're not alone! We are well into allergy season and the pollen count is sky high right now in the Lexington area.

Trees and flowers blooming and green grass aren't the only signs of spring. Sneezing and watery eyes are as well.

According to Dr. William Greisner, people with tree and grass allergies are the ones suffering the most.

"A lot of our patients are rather miserable this time of the year because of it," said Dr. William Greisner, an allergist in Lexington.

Dr. Greisner says pollen is typically high in Kentucky this time of year, but the numbers now are worthy of mentioning.

"Right now the pollen counts are a bit higher than usual," said Dr. Greisner. "That yellow coating that a lot of people see is the tree pollen right now."

Even people who don't usually struggle with allergies could find themselves in a doctor's office before spring is over.

The yellow layer of dust you've probably seen on your vehicle is tree pollen, which is causing a lot of discomfort for those with allergies.

But there are ways to better tackle and deal with your allergies. The first tip is to avoid what makes you sneeze. For instance, if you are allergic to grass, then allergists say you should try to avoid mowing your lawn as often or at least where a mask.

"Allergies especially flare up during the morning hours and late in the evening, so you may want to limit some of your time outdoors during those periods of time," said Dr. Greisner.

The good news is spring also brings rain which could relieve some of your allergies in the next few days. We are expecting some rain showers throughout the weekend.

Allergists also recommend to not sleep with your windows open at night because that just invites pollen into your home. Also, they suggest to immediately wash your clothing after spending an extended period of time outside.

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