23 animals seized from Frankfort home

FRANKFORT, Ky (WKYT) - Their owner says the situation just got out of hand. On Wednesday nearly two dozen dogs and cats were rescued from a home investigators called filthy.

The Franklin County Humane Society says the animals were found at a home on Willis Avenue.

"I got overwhelmed and it started getting bad within the last five months," said the man who owned the animals.

He didn't want to identify himself but he says he started keeping the dogs, many of them pit-bull mixes, to protect them.

"I love 'em, and I hold an animal in high regard, always have, always will," he said.

Pictures from inside the home show just how bad the conditions were. Feces and urine were spread throughout the home and the dogs were kept in cages.

"I think he meant well, but in his mind doing well is not what the rest of the world sees as well," said Lauren Bailey, assistant director of the humane society.

Animal control officers took the sixteen dogs and seven cats to the shelter. However, the shelter is already almost full from a previous hoarding case, so the dogs are being kept at a local park.

Humane society officials say the dogs were mostly well fed but they say because of the tight quarters and cages the dogs have a lot of medical issues that are going to have to be dealt with.

"Every dog in there is infested with fleas. A lot of sores from licking. We have one German Shepard that's pretty much chewed himself raw," Bailey said.

Animal control officers will turn their case over to the county attorney who will decide if the former owner will face criminal charges.

For that man, going from a home full of barking dogs to a home with none, has been tough.

"It's deafening, the silence is deafening. It's horrible, it's like somebody just died in there," he said.

The humane society needs money and volunteers as they handle the dogs. They say they'll begin adopting them out as soon as they are cleared medically.

Anyone wishing to volunteer or donate can call (502) 875-7297.

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