Police: Shooter "at large" after two people shot near UK campus

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Lexington police say two people are critically injured after being shot around 2:40 Sunday morning on Bolivar Street. According to police, three people were heading to Tolly Ho's during the night when someone fired shots into their car. Both the driver and front seat passenger were hit, but the backseat passenger was spared.

After the call came into 911, police rushed to the corner near the University of Kentucky, only to find the shooter and the victims were gone.

"They (police) couldn't find a scene. Just a few minutes later we were called to St. Joseph's Hospital they called us to say they had two victims with gun shot wounds," explained Lt. Chris Van Brackel with the Lexington Police Department.

Officers say the third person in the back of the car told them after the shots were fired, the driver, while injured, raced a mile down the road before stopping at Saint Joseph's Hospital. From there police say the injured pair were taken to UK Hospital.

"It's one of those things, where it's dependent for that situation being that close to the hospital, the driver thought that was the best thing he could do was to get straight to the hospital. Fortunately it worked out well for the driver at this time," said Lt. Van Brackel.

At this time, police say they don't know who the shooter is or what prompted the shooting, but they are hoping that someone who may have witnessed the crime or knows something about it will help lead them to the shooter.

"We don't know if somebody was targeting these three or if this was a random act."

Police have not released the names of the victims but did say they are in critical condition with life threatening injuries, but they would not elaborate as to where the victims were shot on their body.

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