Anderson Co. tow truck drivers brace for busy night

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LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - Both Lawrenceburg police and neighboring Harrodsburg police departments say there have not been any major accidents reported. However, ice was forming in certain areas which could make for a long and messy night for drivers, especially for those people who have to clean up after those wrecks.

"Afraid to say it but I believe it will be (a long night)," shrugged Doug Smith of Smith Towing in Anderson County. While knows he and his crew are in for a long night, he's hoping for the icy conditions will be forgiving.

When they're not, Smith said it can be extremely busy, "sometimes it'll be between ten and 30 calls in an hour."

So Smith has his full staff at his shop with their trucks gassed and ready to go in a moment's notice.

"(I'm) Just keeping everybody on standby. We're calling them all in tonight and we've got nine that are coming in that's going be here all through the night."

At night fall, freezing rain began to fall but still his crew is kept waiting as they expect the real problems won't start until the overnight hours. Smith said that's alright because when the roads ice up he knows he won't any choice but to drive into the slick spots.

"There's no way around it, I mean when it comes, it comes. It keeps your blood pumping," explained Smith of the sometimes slippery drives he and his team will have to make to clean up crashes.

"We'll be with them until everything is safe and everybody is off the road in the morning."

Even if that means waiting all night.

Salt trucks were running their routes and patrolling the area along the Bluegrass Parkway, but Smith warned that some stretches of the highway can still cause problems even after being treated.

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