Anderson County father pleads not guilty to child abuse

ANDERSON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - An Anderson County father, charged with starving his baby, went before a judge Thursday.

20-year-old Billie Combs and 21-year-old Aaron Hilbert are charged with criminal abuse. Hilbert was arraigned Thursday morning, she plead not guilty.

Officials tell WKYT both Combs and Hilbert have bonded out of jail.

Investigators responded to the couple's house on Jenny Lillard Road in Anderson county Tuesday, after a check up resulted in a 10-month old being sent to the emergency room.

"During our investigation, Kentucky state police detectives discovered that the child was not receiving proper nutrition," said Trooper Kendra Wilson.

Officials tell WKYT the initial investigation started in July and culminated in the arrests of Billie J. Combs, 20, and Aaron J. Hilbert, 21. The warrant states that Hilbert was arrested at a Mt. Washington, Ky. residence.

"Working a child abuse case is one of the worst cases we have to deal with in state police, and as law enforcement," said Wilson.

According to court papers, the child suffered serious medical issues, and may lose a kidney. The warrant states that: "The child's kidney is at 5% global renal function."

The detective says the child was at a zero percentile in weight, and was diagnosed as "failure to thrive."

"Not receiving the right food, not receiving good health care, that can come back to the guardian or caregiver as a criminal charge," said Wilson.

Police would not comment on specifics but the warrant also states the child had multiple contusions, forensically indicative of abuse.

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