Animal control car crashes into home, police believe alcohol was involved

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SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A Scott County family tells us their home has thousands of dollars in damage and they say it was caused by a crash involving an animal control vehicle.

Police tell us they're now investigating the crash which happened Monday morning in Georgetown.

It was around 12:45 a.m. Monday when most of the Barker family was sleeping soundly in their Scott County home up until they were all woken up by a bang.

“Doing this damage that they did to our property the only thing you can do is be mad,” said Mike Barber, whose home on East Showalter Lane was severely.

The tire tracks help tell the story, showing the path that one truck took into the front yard and onto the front porch of this family's home.

“It was a fight or flight response and I saw the headlights coming toward the window and barely had any time to think and just had to move.”

After ensuring his family was safe, Barker went outside to get a better look and was shocked when he saw whole the truck was registered to.

“It was an animal control vehicle.”

Georgetown Police confirm that an animal control employee was involved in the wreck but they're still unsure if the employee was the one driving.

Barker says whoever was driving tried to flee after the accident.

“After she hit the house, she put the car in reverse and ended up on top of my mailbox in the middle of the road.”

Unfortunately, the Barker's two cars were also in the way during the truck's crash course.

“My wife’s car is probably totaled. My truck suffered damage as well.”

He says about 30-40 thousand dollars worth of damage was done to the home and now he just hopes whoever was driving that night steps up to the plate and takes responsibility for the accident.

The Barker family expects for repairs to take about 6-8 weeks.

Georgetown Police believe that alcohol played a role in the crash and at this time they are not releasing the names of those who were involved in the wreck.

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