Animal Control officers rescue 'emaciated, malnourished' dogs from Nicholasville house

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NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Jessamine County Animal Control employees are nursing three dogs back to health.

They rescued the pit bull mixes from a home in Nicholasville on Friday.

Frank Ruggiero, the Animal Care and Control shelter manager, says the signs of neglect are clear. The dogs’ ribs are poking out of their skin and their tails are tucked between their legs.

At times, the malnourished dogs shake in fear and are too scared to move.

“This one is in the worst condition of the three,” said Ruggiero as he pointed to the oldest dog. They think it is a year and a half to 2 years old. The two puppies are about a year old.

Ruggerio tells WKYT they started investigating on Wednesday when someone called them to report that there was an emaciated dog chained to a fence behind a house in Nicholasville.

Animal control officers rescued the pit bull mixes from that yard on Friday.

Ruggiero says he is preparing to ask the county attorney to charge the owner with second-degree animal cruelty.

He isn’t saying where the dogs were found and he is not naming the owner yet because he is waiting to see if the attorney will press charges on Monday.

When WKYT was talking to him about the case Saturday morning, one of his coworkers told him the owner was trying to pay the vet fees and coming to take the dogs home.

“Tell him it will all come out in court and if he has a problem with that I’ll call the sheriff right now,” replied Ruggiero.

Animal Control does have custody of the dogs.

While Ruggiero says they are pursuing the case against the owner, their main concern is nursing the dogs back to health.

Ruggiero says the dogs will probably be ready for a foster home in two to three weeks. He thinks it will be another three to six months before they are ready for adoption.

According to veterinarians, the dogs are being treated for internal parasites. They are also being fed a little more during each meal. Ruggiero hopes they will gain strength soon.

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