Animal rescue in danger of closing

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A group that takes care of animals no one else wants, may have to shut their doors.

Jo's Hope for Kentucky Animals is in desperate need of help. They hope a holiday fund raising campaign will help rescue them.

"Shelters can keep them if they have special needs pets or senior pets because those are not adoptable," said Jo Barnes, director of the program.

But the care for these pets isn't cheap. The group's Facebook page shows just how many they're taking care of and now, like these animals, they need help.

"No donations are currently coming in and we were just hoping to reach out to people during the holidays and we were hoping a $5 Hope for the Holidays campaign would be great," said Barnes.

They're hoping donations can keep the group afloat, so they can keep these pets out of shelters where many would be euthanized. For now, foster homes hold most of them but the group helps pay for their expenses.

The Facebook page for Jo's Hope for Kentucky Animals has a Paypal link on it so you can donate online.

You can also send your donations to the Beaumont Veterinary Centre. Just tell them to credit it to the account for Jo's Hope.

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