Another Lexington home hit by stray bullets

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The property manager for the Caballo Run community told WKYT the two people inside the Caballo Run apartment were not injured, just shaken after a bullet came in through a window early Monday morning.
Police believe the shot could have been fired from inside a vehicle nearby.

This is just the latest of three shooting incidents that caused damage to property of people living nearby.
Several homes on nearby Scottsdale Circle were damaged just last Friday after witnesses say a shootout occurred there.

And on Saturday, a home on Grant Drive was struck by a stray bullet.

Lexington Police have received numerous calls from people living in the area, and believe they are on the right track to find those responsible.

"The good news is, is we have some promising leads, we have some evidence, some information and we are actually working to process that today with hopes that we can identify the people who are involved in these situations. For the most part these situations appear to be isolated, so we're looking at the ones that have commonalities to see if they could be connected. Or to see if maybe some of the same people are involved," said Lexington Police Spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts.

Vondre Smithers was arrested shortly after a shootout near Scottsdale circle, but so far he has not been charged in connection with that incident.

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