Another awesome weather weekend

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A very important weekend is upon us. Well... all of them are usually pretty important. This one happens to have a holiday on Sunday. Through the years I have seen very cold temperatures on Easter and I have seen very warm weather. This year looks like it will fall into the very warm category.

A very weak front is actually working through Kentucky. It really hasn't sparked any shower activity. Mainly just more in the way of cloudiness. These clouds could give us a brief and small shower this evening. Otherwise, you'll have the clouds to deal with.

The front really won't do much to change the temperature set-up across Kentucky. We are looking good on Saturday with highs in the low 70s. If the front does anything it helps to clear the skies up for full sunshine. That's what we call the good stuff.

You have a green light for any outdoor Easter plans you might have. Whether it be an egg hunt or a Sunrise Service. You will be in the all clear mode all day Sunday.


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