Another round of subzero wind chill temps

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Temps crashed all night long across Kentucky. The trend of dropping temperatures will continue through the day. By the time the big temp swing is all said and done... we could be roughly 50 degrees colder.

Not only will the actual air temperatures drop to below zero, but the wind chill could approach -10 to even -20 below zero. We are talking about some dangerous levels of cold again. This all comes together on Tuesday morning. Some relief on Wednesday, but not much!

Speaking of those wind chill readings... we have a Wind Chill Advisory out for several northern and all of our eastern Kentucky counties. At this point, nothing for Central Kentucky. Though we will see a significant period of subzero wind chill.

Toward the end of the week we'll see temps climb back into the 20s and even the 30s. This actually sets us up for rain and snow through the weekend. The weekend system is certainly one that we need to watch pretty closely. It has potential to put us on the fence and that could mean more of a mix situation.

We'll be tracking the cold through the next couple of days.

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