App saves the day after phone stolen from pool

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - After two reported thefts from city pools this week, officials want people to know there are ways to protect your valuables.

On Wednesday, there were two cases of theft at Woodland Park reported to Lexington Police. Julie Melloan said she was there with her three kids and had left her iPhone in a bag while she was in the water.

"I saw a guy walk past our bags and reach down and grab my phone. I ran after them and chased them," she said.

Melloan she caught up with them at the door and tried to question them.

"One guy started laying his stuff out on the ground. The other guy bolted down the street," she said.

That's when her husband pulled up the "Find My iPhone" app on his iPhone.

"My husband was tracking the phone to see where the guy was," said Melloan.

She says police later found it ditched near some plants. The same day, someone else reported a wallet stolen. City pool officials say there are some steps people should take to keep their valuables safe.

"If you value it, don't bring it, or lock it in your trunk. Secondly, we do have lockers available at all of our pools except for one. Lastly, keep things out of sight. You know, we covet what we see," said Brian Rogers of Lexington Parks and Recreation.

Julie says she'll be more careful with her phone from now on. This actually isn't the first time "Find My iPhone" has come to her rescue.

"Our car window was broken and my purse was stolen and so I had my personal cell phone with me and my work phone was in the purse so we were able to track where everything was at a gas station off Versailles Road in a dumpster and we found almost everything that was in my purse," said Melloan.

Officials say those lockers cost 25 cents per use.

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