Apparent horse-jumping accident kills Woodford woman

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In the Pinckard Pike area of Woodford County, a love for horses is what ties many people together, so when something like this happens, it's tough on everyone.

"We all ride horses. It all hits us at the heart," said Jim Hodge, who lives across the road.

The Woodford County coroner says Christine Brown was apparently practicing jumping with her horse when she was thrown off it. He says the accident wasn't discovered until hours later when her husband came home to find her horse running loose and Mrs. Brown dead in the ring.

"It was pretty tragic. I mean, it's just a shame that any horse person....she probably had all the safety factors going, you know, the helmet and things. It's just tragic. She's too young," said Joyce Brinsfield.

Brinsfield said she'd been riding with Brown since they were on UK's equestrian team.

"She was a great teammate. She was a team captain. She was very much a leader for the whole group. She'd gone to nationals numerous times," said Brinsfield.

She says jumping can sometimes be a high-risk sport, but those who participate do it because their love for it far outweighs the risk.

"With the horses, there's a bond with the animal and they develop that bond and they don't think about the risk," she said.

The Woodford County coroner said Brown was wearing a helmet.

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