Aquarium's shark ray pregnant for first time

Photo Credit: Justin Cain, Newport Aquarium Graphics Manager

NEWPORT, Ky. (AP) - Sweet Pea is pregnant.

The shark ray at the Newport Aquarium in northern Kentucky is expecting as many as six pups. Aquarium officials say this marks the first time a shark ray has become pregnant while in captivity.

Sweet Pea was the first shark ray to go on display in the Western Hemisphere. She arrived at the Newport Aquarium in 2005 as an adolescent. Two years later, the addition of a rare male shark ray named Scooter resulted in the establishment of the institution's Shark Ray Breeding Program.

The aquarium's general curator, Mark Dvornak, told The Kentucky Enquirer that after the pups are born, some will go on display in Newport while others will likely go to other aquariums and zoos.

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