Are road crews ready for more snow?

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SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - With all the snow we've had so far this winter, many road crews have been running low on salt. So with more snow in the forecast for Friday, will they be ready?

For many of us here in Kentucky, Old Man Winter has already worn out his welcome.

Snow has blanketed the Bluegrass several times already this year and more snow means more salt needed to treat slick roads.

“Salt has been very scarce the past two months because of all the terrible weather across the nation,” said J.R. Brandenburg, Director of Roads and Maintenance at the Scott County Road Department.

The back-to-back rounds of wintry weather have some road departments running critically low on their salt supply. The Scott County road crews says they received a couple of shipments of salt this week so are ready and waiting for what comes next.

“We were low on salt so we started conserving and mixing salt with sand and other things. We were doing pretty much anything we could because our supplier was telling us we may not get any more deliveries,” Brandenburg said.

Although more snow is expected Friday, road crews in Scott County say there’s a silver lining.

Road crews say Thursday’s warmer temperatures will actually help them on Friday. They say higher temperatures help increase the temperature of the pavement as well as helping to melt the remaining snow and ice on the roadways.

“Clear roads will make everything easier to deal with. It’s also going be a wet snow which plows off easily.”

Brandenburg says Scott County crews have treated and plowed the roads twice as much this year than ever before and now he's just hoping that Friday’s visit by Old Man Winter will be one of the last.

As for neighboring Bourbon County, road crews tell us they're mixing their salt with sand to get the most out of what they have left.

Lexington road crews say they have enough for now but they're still conserving salt.

State road crews are also in conservation mode and they're relying more on plowing roads but the Department of Highways District 7, which covers the Lexington area, is still receiving new shipments of salt.

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