Around 90 TECO Coal employees lose jobs

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CORBIN, Ky (WYMT/WKYT) - Another 90 employees in the coal industry have been laid off.

TECO Coal Corporation is reducing their staffing due to the state of the coal market.

All of their mines are affected, and the layoffs included both production and administration and support staff.

"The market for coal has been weak both for thermal or steam coal and also in the weakness in the metallurgical coal market," said Paul Matney, Director of Personnel.

No mines are shutting down, but TECO Coal officials tell us they had to make smaller layoffs company wide including at operations in Pike and Perry Counties.

In all around 90 workers lost their jobs.

"We have people that have been part of our TECO Coal family 20 some years, and you cannot work with people 20 years and it not be really terrible," said Matney.

TECO Coal officials say this was a tough decision made due to the state of the coal industry, and they hope it's temporary.

"We know them, we know their family, and we know that this affects their family, but at some point you have to make a decision to do what's right for the business," said Matney.

He says he hopes the market for coal comes back soon, so they can put their employees back to work.

Matney says about two-thirds of the layoffs were production employees and the rest were administration and support staff.

In January, TECO Coal laid off around 100 miners at Perry County Coal, Matney says about half of those have been called back to work.

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