Arrests made in case of ATM stolen using backhoe

On June 18th, an ATM was stolen from the Kentucky Employees Credit Union on Reilly Road in Frankfort. Investigators said the crooks first managed to steal and $90,000 backhoe from a construction site, and used it in the crime.

"It was great teamwork with all the agencies," says Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton, who worked with the Owen County Sheriff's Office to make the arrests.

Sheriff Melton says a tip on Facebook led them to their first suspect, 31-year-old Craig Ellis from Owenton. Then they arrested 36-year-old Tony Traylor. The third man, though, they got out of sheer luck. Sheriff Melton says one of his deputies was bringing Traylor to Frankfort. They were stuck in traffic, and realized the third man, 37-year-old Michael Raisor, was right behind him.

"He's got one under arrest, he's sitting behind him, he's looking in his side view mirror and says that's the guy we're looking for," says Sheriff Melton, "that was the other suspect. He pulled him over, his hands went up, he gave up."

Sheriff Melton says the theft ties into the drug trade, and believes the men could face more charges.

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