Article names Lexington among Jakarta, Mumbai as "monster traffic jams"

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Lexington got an unexpected shout-out in an article detailing traffic jam-prone cities across the globe. The article is titled "10 monster traffic jams from around the world" and includes stories of frustration from cities like Jakarta, Indonesia, Mumbai, India, Nairobi, Kenya, and...Lexington, KY?

"Traffic's bad, but it's not that bad!" said Robin Miller.

The big question is - how did our little city end up on the list?

"You don't typically expect to get much attention from an editor at the BBC. That's pretty prestigious!" said Lyle Goodwin.

Goodwin says he had written a comment on their website venting about traffic. He says even he was a little surprised that his comments were picked up. In fact, Lexington was ranked fourth shortest commute time in the country by Men's Health Magazine in 2004.

"I miss all the traffic. It takes me 10 minutes, it's probably about 10 miles, so that's pretty smooth," said Tyler Behrens.

"We're really nothing alike in terms of anything except people biting their nails in traffic occasionally and we're not that much alike in that respect," said Goodwin.

The only other American city on the list was Austin, TX. As Lyle and the other drivers we talked with say Lexington probably doesn't belong on that list, but he stands by his assertion that it can be a frustrating place to be behind the wheel.

"New Circle Road and Versailles Road? That's two-hundred yards of terror," said Goodwin.

We spoke with officials in the traffic engineering department. They say they've just finished re-timing traffic lights along Tates Creek Road, and are focusing now on Man O' War. They say that should shorten commute times by six to eight minutes.

"I would guess that we don't have nearly the gridlock they're going to have, but again we have our problems like everyone else," said Don Evans.

Evans, a retired police officer and WKYT traffic reporter, said getting around any city more efficiently is all about knowing the routes.

"If you actually plan ahead a little bit, know your route, know the back streets, it could make the difference between being late and making it there on time," he said.

Evans said as far as driving goes, Lexington is a pretty predictable city.

"For the most part, given any unusual circumstances, people can pretty much count on how long it's going to take them to get into work here in Lexington,"

Traffic engineers say the re-timing work on man o war should be done by the end of the month.

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