Attempt to thaw water pipes ends in mobile home fire

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The fire started around 1:00 Friday afternoon near the back of a mobile home park. Firefighters got the flames out within about an hour, but they say the home was a loss. They say heat from the fire did some damage to adjacent homes, but nothing serious.

"This is a tough area here. The trailers are fairly close together and it doesn't take much heat from one fire to damage the other structure," said Major Doug Boyd of the Lexington Fire Department.

Firefighters say once they got the fire knocked down, it didn't take long to pinpoint a cause. They say cold weather is partly to blame.

Firefighters say the homeowner was using a torch to try to thaw out a frozen water pipe when the crawlspace insulation caught fire. He made it out without any injuries.

"He's very lucky to get out of there," Boyd said.

They say fighting fires during the winter months can be tougher than in warmer weather.

"It's difficult this time of year fighting a fire. We also got to worry about the firefighters and the ice forming on the ground and possibly causing one of our firefighters to slip and fall," Boyd said.

In fact, they had to call in a salt truck to treat the roads throughout the mobile home park because of all the water left behind from the firefight.

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