Attempted child luring at Lexington bus stop

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - School law enforcement was notified today after two men attempted to lure children from a bus stop.

Officials say the kids were walking to the bus stop near Wilson Downing at Allante Brook Drive. The men reportedly motioned the children to come to them.

Police say a report claims two men in a red and white Chevrolet truck were attempting to lure children to them. One suspect is described as a thin man wearing a dirty t-shirt, the other is described as a man wearing a red hat.

Fayette County Schools says that Southern Middle School sent a note home to parents because the attempted luring happened in that district.

The note details that a Millcreek Elementary student and another student ran home from the bus stop after the incident.

Jane Dreidame, Southern Middle School's principal, encourages students to stay in pairs or groups, avoid darkened areas and use main streets instead of shortcuts.

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