Boy says three men tried to lure him into pickup truck in Lexington

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) -- A Lexington neighborhood is on alert after a ten-year-old boy says three men tried to lure him into a truck.

Now, police are trying to track down the suspects.

It happened near the corner of Dallas Avenue and Liberty Road in Lexington around 2:00 Thursday afternoon.

The ten-year-old boy says he standing near the sidewalk along Dallas Avenue when three men driving a white pickup truck told him to get in.

“He ran into the house and said that three old men, one of them with a long beard, just tried to make him get in their truck,” said Cathy Tillitt, a neighbor.

But when one man swung the truck door open and stepped out of the truck, the boy acted on instinct.

“That’s when I started running, I jumped the fence. I just ran because I didn’t know who it was.”

The men drove off and the ten-year-old made it safely to his grandmother's house nearby, grateful that the life lesson of staying away from strangers was instilled in him at a young age.

“Don’t talk to strangers that you don’t know and if they do come around, try to run as fast as you can.”

The boy says the men were driving a newer model white pickup truck with a thin green line down the side and a loose bumper on the front.

He also got a good look at their appearances.

"One had a short, gray beard and long hair. Another was bald and had a long beard. The third one also had a long beard and had a lot of hair, he was wearing sunglasses."

Police have put out an attempt to locate for the three men and they're continuing to search for them at this time.

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