Attorney claims Madison County road rage driver had BB gun

MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - An Indiana doctor appeared in court in Madison County Wednesday morning, nearly two weeks after he was accused of driving recklessly on I-75 and pulling a gun on a driver trying to catch it on tape.

Perrin Dobyns is charged with First Degree Wanton Endangerment for the events that took place on the afternoon of September 29th.

Eyewitness video captured by David Kollar shows the driver, later identified by police as Dobyns, pointing a gun at Kollar.

Wednesday morning in court the trooper heading the investigation revealed that police in Indiana found a CO2 powered BB gun while searching Dobyn's car. The trooper testified that State Police didn't ask for further analysis of Dobyn's car after the bb gun was found.

Dobyn's attorney, Jim Baechtold, says the puff of smoke or vapor out of the firearm is consistent with a BB gun and insists that's what it was.

Baechtold said in court the harshest charge his client should be facing right now is second degree wanton endangerment.

Dobyns will be allowed to return to Indiana while awaiting a grand jury's decision on any indictments.

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