Attorney general, governor go forward with opposite same-sex marriage stances

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - We first showed you Attorney General Jack Conway's emotional statement about supporting same-sex marriage in Kentucky on Tuesday at noon. Now Conway is talking about his decision not to appeal a ruling that forces the state to recognize same-sex marriages one day later.

We're also heard from Governor Steve Beshear on his announcement to pursue an appeal without Conway.

The attorney general already said that he would not appeal a bill that recognizes same-sex marriage in Kentucky. And now he also says he supports same-sex couples getting married in the Bluegrass.

"For me, I draw the line at discrimination," said Conway.

It was seemingly an emotional decision for Attorney General Jack Conway, announcing on Tuesday that he wouldn't appeal last month's ruling, along side Governor Beshear. It was a long day that he's glad is over.

"I lost it. I didn't plan on doing that, and once it started I couldn't really stop," said Conway. "I'd never really done that at a press conference before. Look I'm human."

Since Governor Beshear says the state will appeal anyway, he'll have to use outside attorneys.

"These aren't easy decisions to make," said Governor Beshear. "I've got friends obviously on both sides of this issue. And frankly, what I'm doing in appealing this case is on behalf of both sets of those friends because they all deserve to know what the rules are going to be so that we can all act accordingly."

Conway tells us at one point he considered appealing and stating it didn't line up with his personal beliefs. But then he couldn't go through with it.

"I come back to this issue is bigger than any one person. This issue is bigger than any one person's career. It's about putting people over politics," said Conway.

Governor Beshear says a lot could still happen from here because it's only in the early stages.

"This is being litigated all across the country, and court cases are moving through the process in various ways," said Governor Beshear. "I felt that Kentucky ought to be part of that process."

Conway says he realizes this could affect his next race but says he will not stand for discrimination. And Governor Beshear says he is in the process of hiring council to fight the ruling.

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