Attorney: No police response to 911 calls on night of Lexington murder

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - An attorney and private investigator hired by the family of a Lexington murder victim claim that two people may have witnessed the man's abduction.

WKYT spoke to the Johnson family attorney this morning, Mark Wohlander, who said a private investigator hired by the family talked to two witnesses who claim they saw someone being beaten and kidnapped near Alex Johnson's home the night he went missing.

Johnson disappeared December 20th from his North Hanover Avenue home, and his body was found several weeks later in the Kentucky River.

Since his disappearance two men have been arrested and charged, but now his family wants to know more about the night he went missing.
Their attorney says the two witnesses who talked to the family's private investigator claimed to have called 911.

Wohlander said his open records request for the 911 dispatch information was denied by the city.
But WKYT did obtained some 911 information after submitting a request in January indicating police did respond to a 911 call in that area shortly after Johnson got off the phone with his girlfriend.
The dispatch call we received was in reference to a "rolling altercation" in a possible gold Toyota Camry. We have confirmed that call is one of the witnesses that called 911 that evening involving the Alex Johnson case. An "attempt to locate" was put out after the call.

Wohlander claims the two witnesses that claim they called 911 were not interviewed by police that evening. Police will not comment if they did or did not interview witnesses following the disappearance because of the ongoing investigation.

Johnson's body was found inside a barrel in the Kentucky River on January 24th.

Mark Taylor, 28, is charged with murder, kidnapping and tampering with physical evidence in the beating death of Johnson.

Timothy Ballard is charged with kidnapping, tampering with evidence and being a persistent felon.

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