Manhunt in Versailles ends with suspect taken into custody

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VERSAILLES, Ky. (WKYT) - Just before 11 Thursday evening, sources with the Versailles Police Department say William Lloyd arrested trying to get back into his house on Quail Run Road. Earlier in the day, police began a search for Lloyd after he left a local hospital and threatened to harm himself.

Police contacted Lloyd who responded with a threat to any officer who tried to get close to him.

"We attempted to make contact with the person by phone, by cell phone, at that point in time the person that lives there at that residence, made threats toward the police," explained Lt. Daniel Clark of the Versailles Police Department.

As police worked to help Lloyd, they decided to seal off his street, which kept many neighbors from getting home Thursday afternoon. So they stood around the side of the road, and waited.

"Just not knowing what's going on and knowing it's happening literally next door it's not a very comforting feeling," said Patrick Parker, who lives on the street.

Parker paced around because he was on one side of the police barricade, and his wife and daughter are just two doors down from Lloyd's house and with a front seat to the action.

"I was uneasy," described April Parker of the whole scene unfolding on her front lawn.

Police said they were confident that Lloyd was in the house, but things were getting difficult as Lloyd stopped communicating with investigators.

"Through the afternoon we made many attempts to contact the person but unsuccessfully," said Lt. Clark.

Hours after police blocked off the neighborhood, they were able to make entry into the house with the help of Kentucky State Police and a robot. Once inside they learned Lloyd wasn't there.

At the time, police didn't know where Lloyd might be, but they were concerned that he might try to harm himself or even others.

"His state of mind is not good right now," stated Lt. Clark.

The search went on through the neighborhood but with no luck, and some neighbors were concerned.

"When they told us that he wasn't in the house, I was like 'Okay, so he's still out there.' So it's like that's even scarier," said Peggy Bentley, who witnessed the scene with April Parker.

Other neighbors are a little more doubtful about Lloyd's intentions.

"I still think if we was going to do something, he would have done something. So it was more of an empty threat to scare people," said one of Lloyd's neighbors.

With Lloyd's arrest, those concerns are now quieted on Quail Run Road.

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