Woman killed, hit by two cars in Lexington

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Lexington Police say a woman has died after being hit by two cars while crossing North Broadway at West Loudon Avenue. The crashes happened back-to-back just after 6 a.m.

A preliminary investigation suggests the woman who was hit Thursday morning at the intersection did not have the right of way when she was in the crosswalk on North Broadway. She later died at UK Hospital.

For people who witnessed the crashes, they still can't believe what they saw.

"The police were right on top of it. they were here within a minute," Nick Foster, a witness, said.

The coroner confirms Tanya Williams, 35, of Lexington was the woman killed, hit the first time by a car in the crosswalk, left lying in the street.

That's when police say Nick Foster and other bystanders tried to help, directing traffic.

"There was another lady here," Foster says. "She screamed as they were trying to flag down the man and then she screamed even more once the lady got hit."

In the second crash, Williams was hit by a minivan, as witnesses stood there helpless and in disbelief.

"The gentleman that was standing there from the first vehicle, was trying to get the vans attention, and I guess he didn't get it," Foster said. "Because he had the lady and drug her down from about the light to there, about 30 feet."

Lexington Police say they're still investigating and don't expect any charges to be filed. The coroner says Williams' death has been ruled accidental.

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