Ball python missing from Centre College

DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Centre College officials are searching for a python that went missing this week from the school's biology department.

The four-foot-long ball python, named Geek, was housed in Young Hall. Biology professor Dr. Brian Storz says he's friendly enough that they would take him to local schools to teach them about biology.

"We use him often in the classrooms and he is a regular part of our outreach and that is what's so concerning about his disappearance," said Storz.

Geek was kept in a locked, heated terrarium. Earlier this week the biology department discovered he was gone.

"It was locked and someone was able to get access to the room and get a hold of the key and unlock it," Storz said.

Their hope is that whoever helped him leave Young Hall, will also help him return. Storz says the snake is gentle and likes to be held, but won't do very well outside of his heated habitat.

"For an extended amount of time in this cold weather he won't be able to survive."

Which is why they're hoping for his return, no questions asked. To help with that effort a $200 reward being offered by a retired professor for his safe return.

Centre College is investigating the snake's disappearance internally. They did send out an alert when they discovered the snake was missing.

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