Bangladesh building-collapse toll tops 600

MGN Online

DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) - Police in Bangladesh say more than 600 bodies have now been recovered from a garment-factory building that collapsed 11 days ago, and the grim recovery work continues.

Police said Sunday evening that the death toll had reached 610. More than 200 bodies have been recovered since Wednesday, when authorities said only 149 people had been listed as missing. The stench of decomposing bodies remains amid the broken concrete of the eight-story Rana Plaza building, and it is anyone's guess how many victims remain to be recovered.

An architect whose firm designed the building says it never was designed to handle heavy industrial equipment, let alone the three floors that were later illegally added.

Masood Reza, an architect with Vastukalpa Consultants, said the building was designed to house shops and offices.

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