Bank has advice after Target breach

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – The people we spoke with at the Target parking lot in Hamburg weren't aware of the security breach that's affected 40 million credit and debit accounts nationwide.

Most customers we spoke with say this won't affect their shopping habits.

40 million debit and credit users who shopped at Target between Black Friday and now are vulnerable to mystery charges on their accounts.

Local financial institutions like Central Bank keep an eye out for this with their own Fraud Protection Systems.

"Both credit and debit cards are being monitored for every transaction and if anything suspicious occurs on an account, those folks are contacted to verify that they actually completed the transaction," said Stephen Kelly, Executive Vice President with Central Bank.

Still, he says, shoppers themselves need to be checking their accounts and remain vigilant.

There are programs you can use that will alert you if something seems wrong with your bank account.

Kelly told us about one- that will register your debit and credit cards and alert you to all transactions made.

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