Bardstown police make arrest in attempted abduction

BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - Police in Bardstown have made an arrest after a string of attempted abductions outside a central kentucky Cracker Barrel. But investigators say the suspect was not the one in handcuffs.

After investigating the claims, police arrested the second victim who came forward with claims that a white male tried to grab her outside the Cracker Barrel in Bardstown.

Police say they grew suspicious of the claims, after watching a video, showing what was said to be the suspect's car. Police say after watching the tape, the second victim's story didn't quite add up. After investigating further, police were able to locate the white van that appeared in the video and it's owner was identified and cleared.

"We do not have time, nor patience to give our full attention to made up, fabricated stories by those seeking attention," says Chief McCubbin, with the Bardstown police department. "Therefore, she is in custody at the Nelson County Jail."

Police add they have no reason to believe the other victims were lying about the attempted abductions and say they are still investigating at least three other incidents.

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