Barnes wins Richmond mayor election

Jim Barnes was one of dozens waiting for results in front of the Madison County Clerk's Office. When his numbers came in, it didn't take long for Barnes to take the lead.

"It's good closure. It's good for our community. I'm excited, it's been a long, long hard summer," says Barnes.

Back in May, Barnes won the primary by close to 70 percent. He won the race for Richmond mayor by close to three-thousand votes.

"History will kinda repeat itself," says Barnes, "you never want to get too confident in a race. I wanted to run the race like I was behind all the time. I never let myself get to where I could say you can relax because that's when you lose."

The former city commissioner is already thinking about his responsibilities in office.

"We've got to get our finances in order to rally know where we stand. I need to check and get our expenses where I know what our monthly expenses are, what our debt services are, what our revenue is."

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