Baseball field for the blind breaks ground in Frankfort

Organizers say it will be the first baseball field of its kind in the world.

Tuesday, they broke ground on a baseball field in Frankfort for people who are blind.

It's called beep baseball or "baseball for the visually impaired." A game where you hit what you hear.
And the base looks like a football tackling dummy. Players will know where it is because it makes noise--just follow the sound coming from the base.

Not everyone out here is totally blind.

"As you release you say pitch cause when they hear pitch they're swinging."

Using your ear as your eye is easier said than done but this is the life of the visually impaired.

"Be feeling good to play with my son again show him who to play we really nice," said Roy Roberts.

The outfielders have to listen for the ball and corral it before the runner gets to base--that's an out.

Micheal Lewis is the pro out here, he plays on a team in Louisville.

"When i'm hitting I don't listen to the ball its all timing with my pitcher I have to swing consistently I have to swing on time I have to trust him to do the rest," said Lewis.

Now this Frankfort field will be transformed into a game everyone can see--just in a different way.

The new field is scheduled to open next spring.

Organizers say they're in talks to host the 2017 world series of "beep baseball."

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