Bath County fire leads police to hundreds of marijuana plants

BATH COUNTY, KY. (WKYT) - It started out as a routine fire call, but firefighters in Bath County got a big surprise when they arrived on scene.

Police say fire crews discovered dozens of marijuana plants at a home on Riddle Road in the Peasticks community east of Owingsville.

Firefighters arrived around 4:30 a.m. Thursday morning. While they were fighting the fire a strange smell led them to call police.

"They thought there was a meth lab, come to find out it was a grow lab in there, growing plants inside," said Bath County Sheriff John "Tuffy" Snedegar.

Snedegar says his deputies removed more than 80 plants from the home and arrested the man living there, 52-year-old William McCarty. After getting a search warrant four wheeler trails led them to even more marijuana planted in a field behind the home.

"Every other plant in between tomato plants was a marijuana plant," Snedegar said.

Deputies say they found another 150 plants in the field, as well as a gun in the ditch in front of the home. Snedegar believes this is a big blow against the drug trade in Bath County.

"Makes me feel good that we got em, I'm sure there's plenty more but maybe we scared them," he said.

William McCarty is charged with one count of cultivating marijuana, more than five plants.

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