Bats 'unwelcome visitors' at Powell County school

POWELL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A Central Kentucky school has a few new guests, but they aren't exactly welcome. Bats have been flying around Stanton Elementary in Powell County.

Like administrators across the country, school leaders in Powell county are working to make sure the only guests coming into their schools are the invited kind, but they say that job gets a lot harder when those uninvited guests are flying into the building.

When it's not full of kids the gym at Stanton Elementary is cool, dark, and quiet. The facilities director of Powell County Schools says that combination has made it an inviting home for more than a dozen bats.

Monroe Jones says, "You turn the lights out and it's cool in there in the summer time and gee whiz, perfect place for them to roost in there."

Once school started back, those bats became a serious problem. An animal control company helped capture most of the animals but there are still some trying to get back in.

Jones says, "We've had them inside the school, maybe five or six the last couple of weeks. We take that serious and we work with our health department."

Jones says animal control tells him those bats are trying to get back to the gym, even if they have to come through the rest of the school.

"We've sealed up the gymnasium and feel pretty comfortable about that. However, I think we've got some stray bats trying to get back into that colony area."

Now school workers are sealing up the rest of the building, making sure there aren't any loose areas where the bats can sneak back inside.

Jones says, "Unwelcome visitors, but we've got to do something about it it's a serious issue and we try to take care of our kids."

Jones says the company they've hired is coming back next Wednesday to double-check their work and make sure the building is secure.

Jones says the animal control company removing the bats is releasing them back into the wild, humanely.

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