Bats return to Powell County elementary school

STANTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Communities across Kentucky are changing their Trick-or-Treat plans because of the weather but in Stanton they're also having to factor in some returning bats who won't leave their elementary school alone.

"We went two or three weeks without having any bats," said Powell County Superintendent Michael Tate.

That record of being bat free was broken recently when a couple of the flying mammals made their way back into the gymnasium at Stanton Elementary.

The first group got into the building during the summer and began roosting in the rafters of the gym. After a pest removal company helped collect the bats and seal up the building they thought the problem was under control. But Tate says recent basketball practices at the school may have left the doors open, allowing the bats to swoop back in.

"We've been frustrated with it but we want to make the school safe for the kids and parents coming in to participate," he said.

Those practices were moved to nearby Bowen Elementary. The school was also going to serve as a backup location in case the Trick-or-Treat planned at the Stanton city park gets rained out but that has now been moved to the Powell County Middle School. In the meantime maintenance workers are checking to make sure the school is bat free every night and every morning.

"If we go a couple weeks without bats then we feel like the problem is being resolved," Tate said.

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