Bears startle Rockcastle Co. woman

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ROCKCASTLE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A Monday morning stroll through the hills of Rockcastle County sure seemed peaceful for a trio of black bears, but that walk was anything but peaceful for Sonya Gregory.

"It was scary being that close, especially to be the first time to ever see a bear in person," she said after one of the bears strayed up to her backyard.

For others it brought out a few laughs, "To be honest with you, when I called 911 she laughed at me. Everybody thought it was a joke."

Gregory said, "He got on the tractor and was playing around on the tractor. Then he came down walking around and over to the swing, like he was going to swing," described Gregory.

While Gregory sat startled in her home, but her cat found the new friend to be harmless which was a good thing because Gregory said at that moment she had to fend for herself.

The bears didn't cause much of a disturbance, other than the little bear who got curious and tore a hole into the insulation under Gregory's home.

"It was rough," she said, adding that the noise echoed through the home and made it sound like the bear was chewing into her flooring. "It sounded a lot worse than when I came out and saw the damage."

After a wild morning, Gregory admitted that she's watching the tree line a little harder. "Oh yeah, I watch it anyway because we've had deer come out and startle you but a black bear, uh uh."

Law enforcement and the game warden warned Gregory that the bears might be exploring for new locations to find food, which could mean the bears might come back around her home.

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