Chandler reacts to Barr's request for recanvass in 6th District race

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It's official. Kentucky's Secretary of State certified the votes Friday from Tuesday's election.

The incumbent, Democrat Ben Chandler officially won the 6th District Congressional race by 649 votes.

Republican Andy Barr has requested a re-canvass, which will take place next Friday.

In a re-canvass, county clerks re-check voting machines and absentee ballots to ensure they are reported correctly.

Chandler says he's ready to get back to work in Washington.

"Today, the county boards of election certified their vote totals and sent them to the Secretary of State, re-confirming our victory and showing that the people of Central Kentucky have again chosen me to be their voice in congress," Chandler said.

He continued "I am humbled and honored to have this very, very great privilege. I'm looking forward to continuing my work on the behalf of the people of Central Kentucky; especially in these tough economic times.

"I will continue to do my very best to grow Kentucky's small business, boost our manufacturing base and most importantly create good paying local jobs in the Commonwealth."

Later in the afternoon, Barr released a statement, saying, "This election is extraordinarily close. We look forward to the re-canvass results Friday."

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