Benefit for fallen firefighter killed in freak accident

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ROWAN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - He was killed in a freak logging accident in August.

And today family and friends gather to honor 30-year-old Joshua Ferguson.

Although Josh Ferguson isn't here anymore, his community is doing everything they can to keep his memory alive.

"Josh wasn't only a firefighter. Josh was a friend. And anyone who ever came in contact with Josh, he just touched their heart tremendously," said Larry Hamm, who was a friend and fellow firefighter.

It was more than a month ago when a freak logging accident at his day job cost him his life.

His family tells us a tree pinned him against a piece of machinery.

"Logging is very dangerous and what happened to Josh is an example of how dangerous it can be. And firefighting as a firefighter, you're taught to do these things. We are running in houses when people are running out," said Hamm.

As a firefighter, Josh had his fair share in saving lives, and now people are repaying him by raising money to take care of his funeral costs while also honoring him.

As you can imagine, being a firefighter is kind of like a brotherhood. Even those who did not know Josh made sure they paid their respects.

"I didn't know what else I could do, so I figured I would stand outside the funeral home in a perpetuous salute for him and the family," said David Castner, who is a retired firefighter from Ohio.

The family tells us thousands of dollars were raised at the benefit today.

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