Benefit to get horse trainer back on his feet after barn fire

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Friends say he lost nearly everything when a fire destroyed his barns, killing eight thoroughbred horses. Trainer Gerry Carwood says there wasn't much he could do when that fire broke out in two barns on Rice Road last Friday morning. So his friends organized a fundraiser to help him get back on his feet.

It was a fire so big even airport employees nearby saw it and reported it. There were two barns full of flames, housing lots of equipment and 10 thoroughbreds, killing most of them.

"It hits everybody. Nobody wants to see anything like this. It hits home everywhere," said Gerry Carwood, horse trainer whose barns burned down. "It's a horrifying thing, and I wish nobody would have to go through."

Carwood was only able to get two horses out in time. And before he can truly start over, he needs a new stable.

What happened last Friday brought people to McCarthy's Irish Bar in downtown Lexington to help replace what burned down.

"He pretty much lost everything in the fire, so it's tough to start from the beginning again," said Eddie Kenneally, Carwood's friend. "So this is hopefully going to kick-start him and get him back in business as soon as possible."

This community of horse lovers is full of people willing to give to get Carwood and his four legged friends back in the race.

"24 hours a day nearly we take care of them," said Carwood. "And they're my family. That's why we all do it. We love horses."

This Ireland native says he's touched by Lexington's support as he continues to focus on what he has left.

"As of right now, I'm just training the two horses that I've saved from the fire. The two survivors," said Carwood. "They mean a lot to me now, and I hope we get them to the races to win."

The benefit at McCarthy's Irish Bar had an auction and people could also donate to help Carwood get a new stable.

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