Bengals training camp in Georgetown now in question

As the NFL lockout continues, people in Georgetown are now wondering if the Cincinnati Bengals will be coming to town this month for the team's annual training camp.

The Bengals training camp is usually held at Toyota Stadium at Georgetown College, and draws hundreds of football fans.

Organizers of the training camp say they're ready for the crowds, even though it remains to be seen if the Bengals are coming this year.

It could be next week before a decision is made about the Bengals camp.

A deal to end the lockout is possible at league meetings next week in Atlanta.

The Bengals and training camp organizers are holding off on a firm decision about camp until after those talks.

Camp organizers are optimistic, saying the camp means so much more than money to Georgetown College.

"It's not just financial," Dr. Todd Gambill of Georgetown College said. "Each year, thousands of people come here for Bengals camp, some being on our campus for the first time. So it's an amazing opportunity to showcase our college and community."

While not divulging a specific figure, training camp organizers say the Bengals have committed a significant amount of money to Georgetown College, whether they come to camp or not, to help cover standing costs.

The Rams, Jets and Giants have already decided if they have camp, it will be at their own facilities.

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