Berea firefighter recovering after wreck

A Berea firefighter is talking to us about his close call. Lt. Stacy Quinley's fire truck hit a fence Sunday night. One of the planks ended up through the windshield.

Police say a suspected drunk driver crashed her car into the fire truck.

Lt. Quinley walked away from the wreck almost unscathed.

"Put my arm up just like that right there and the plank hit the steering wheel and broke it off and then that's when it come down the side of my arm and peeled the skin back there and it hit the headrest on the back of the seat and tore it off," explained the lieutenant, "it was pretty painful last night especially when they were scraping the glass and everything out of it to clean it. It was pretty painful then."

Lt. Stacy Quinley expects to be back at work some time next week.

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