Berea police search for women caught on camera cashing stolen checks

BEREA, Ky. (WKYT) - Berea police are hoping the public can help identify two women they say broke into several vehicles Wednesday night, stealing purses and trying to cash the checks they found inside.

"I came out and my daughter said 'Mom, your car window is broken out,'" said Traci Ramsey.

She was one of three victims. The thefts happened during a gymnastics event at Tumble Shine Gymnastics in Berea.

"My window had been shattered," said Lisa Smitheren. "They reached in, grabbed my purse."

All three victims put stops on their accounts but the thieves still tried to use the checks and licenses to get money.

"The woman came in, she had Lisa's check and another woman's check, she wrote them out to me, had my license, sent them in to the teller," Ramsey said.

Police say during each attempt the woman would try to use the license of one victim to cash the check of another.

Pictures from the ATMs at banks in Richmond and Corbin show two different women trying to use the checks.

"A lot of times you don't have anything to go on, things are taken, change, stereos, but in this case it was a check and somebody attempted to use that which gives us video surveillance and the actual forged check," said Sgt. Jake Reed with Berea Police.

At one bank the teller kept the license given to her, and it was given back to it's owner. Police say both women appeared to be driving the same vehicle, they believe it's a black Chevy Impala.

Sgt. Reed says if those people are found they'll face theft charges. They'll also face charges In connection to cashing those stolen checks.

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