Berea police searching for men stealing games, gaming consoles

BEREA, Ky. (WKYT) - Police in one Central Kentucky county need your help identifying two men wanted in multiple theft cases.

Berea police say they're looking for two men believed to be behind a string of robberies at GameStops in the area.

"One of them would come up and distract the clerk while the other one would take some merchandise that was on the floor, take it to different parts of the store while the employee was distracted, take it out of the packaging, things like that and conceal it under their clothing," explained Berea Police Sergeant Jake Reed, "we obviously know they're doing it other places, and they could be committing other thefts that we don't know about. Or other stores that we don't know about. And obviously it's a significant amount here in Berea so this is something that we want to get solved, we want to identify these folks, and place the appropriate criminal charges especially since we have such good video of them."

Police believe the same men stole gaming merchandise from the GameStop in Richmond as well as merchandise from three GameStops in Lexington.

Richmond police are looking for two women who could be working with the men caught on camera in Berea. Investigators with the Richmond Police Department say two women walked into the Richmond GameStop Saturday, and stole with four PlayStation controllers.

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