Beshear steps up anti-texting initiative in Ky.

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Gov. Steve Beshear sent a message to motorists on Wednesday, but not the kind that might distract them if they're behind the wheel.

Beshear joined officials from AT&T Kentucky, the Kentucky State Police and other highway safety advocates to urge Kentuckians not to text while driving.

The governor said Wednesday he has ordered window decals placed on some 11,000 state vehicles and on 4,000 state patrol cars with the message "No Text On Board."

Kentucky passed a law against texting while driving two years ago, but AT&T Kentucky President Mary Pat Regan said far too many people are still doing it.

Beshear said it's critical that Kentuckians understand the dangers of texting while driving. He said he has taken a pledge to never text and drive.

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