Better enjoy the next couple of days...

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Finally getting rid of that pesky disturbance that brought us snow showers/flurries. We are still left with a chilly day here for our Friday as highs rise to the mid 40s. There is a chance at rain/snow for our extreme southwestern counties, near Bowling Green, but other than that we stay dry. That same system could affect our southern counties on Saturday with a rain/snow chance, albeit a slight chance. Other than that most stay dry as we will see temperatures finally near normal in the mid to upper 50s. This is just a teaser as a WILD winter weather pattern speeds up from there on out.

Heading into Sunday we are looking at some wacky weather for this time of year. Showers and thunderstorms look to be the case for most of the day Sunday. Severe weather appears unlikely. As the front moves through during the evening we will start to see the rain turn to snow, which will take us through the night and into Monday. Both Monday and Tuesday appear likely that we will see a good snow for most of the region.

Meteorologist Micah Harris

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