Better enjoy today as some wild weather slides on in the area!

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What a start to the work week! Sun and clouds will be the call as our highs climb to the lower 40s through the afternoon. Better enjoy today as we are looking at some wild weather ahead.

Come tonight and into tomorrow snow showers will work their way into the area. This could cause some travel issues Tuesday morning through the afternoon. 1"-2" is a good call for most, but some areas in the east and southeast could see higher amounts in the 3"-4" range. Best timing for all of this will be around 6am-6pm. You can see it'll be an all day thing for some.

Only slight chances on Wednesday and Thursday, but the main concern will then be the cold temperatures. Overnight lows from Wednesday through Friday will be in the single digits. Highs in the teens. This means with any wind we could see sub-zero wind chills through Friday morning.

We are looking at more snow chances heading off into the weekend.

Meteorologist Micah Harris

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